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Customer Service in Admissions

April 27, 2012

Champlain College's very own Nicole Lentine on Admissions Live speaking to the benifits of offering students the ability to receive text updates from search to enroll.

Nicole explains how and when Champlain uses texting to provide superior customer service to prospective students and parents.

Mobile Site vs. Full Site

April 23, 2012

Mobile users have rapidly growing expectations for what they hope to accomplish on their mobile device. Jacob Neilson explains why it is best to have a separate mobile optimized site to increase usability.

Some tips from Jacob:

  • Build a separate mobile-optimized site
  • Auto-redirect them to your mobile site (maybe - see our post on the mobile redirect below)
  • Offer a clear link from your full site to your mobile site for users who end up at the full site despite the redirect.
  • Offer a clear link from your mobile site to your full site for those (few) users who need special features that are found only on the full site.

Read the full story.

EDUSummit Presentation: Serving Prospective Students via Mobile

April 18, 2012