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We eat, sleep, and breathe texting for higher education. Here are insights and best practices you can put into action on your campus.

Is Your Medium Sending the Wrong Message?

A ’60s philosopher nails it with a theory that holds even truer today. What brings you here? Continued

How to Not Kill the Medium When Texting Students

Texting is a top-rated channel for communicating with students. Surprisingly, it’s also the most underutilized. Until recently, there was no simple way for institutions to manage texting on campus. ... Continued

The Untapped Opportunity of Texting Students

What if we told you the most effective medium for connecting with students was also the most underutilized? Sounds counterintuitive but it is true. Opportunity isn’t knocking – it’s texting. Continued

How to Text Students and Parents Without Breaking Privacy Laws

You already manage student privacy when it comes to emails, phone calls and other channels. The good news is that texting is just another medium. Yes, there are a few special things to keep in mind, ... Continued

Crafting Text Messages That Make the Grade

To paraphrase a common idiom, “It’s not what you text, it’s how you say it.” In our experience, the way a text is crafted can make or break a campaign, and determine whether the student takes action ... Continued

Critical Considerations for Evaluating a Texting Solution for Your Campus

Departments on campus are searching for a more effective and efficient way to communicate with students. The existing solutions (web portals, mass emails, 8.5x11 multi-colored comic sans papers ... Continued

Five Novel Uses of Texting to Engage Students

You already know that text messaging is the preferred method of communication for today’s students. Maybe you’ve even implemented texting on your campus (in that case – kudos to you!). There’s no ... Continued

Metrics that Matter When Texting Students

“How do I know if my texting campaigns are working?” Continued

Managing Texting Preferences in an Enterprise Environment

Texting has taken higher education by storm and is now the most effective way to communicate with today’s students. Of course, as with the introduction of any new technology, it’s important to be ... Continued

What’s a Good Response Rate?

When it comes to our clients, they’re obsessed with analytics. “What’s a good response rate when texting?” is actually one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. And it’s justified as ... Continued

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