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We eat, sleep, and breathe texting for higher education. Here are insights and best practices you can put into action on your campus.

The Evolution of Student Communication

It is 1 million years B.C. and a primitive college admissions professional smacks a hand in a pile of clay, furiously slaps a message on a cave wall, and instructs students to enroll in Mastodon ... Continued

What content should be on the parents’ section of your school’s website?

Parents are the most important influencers for prospective students, which is why it’s important to welcome them into the admissions process, and address their concerns on a dedicated page (or ... Continued

Personality traits of parents of Gen-Z students

The infants who worked touchscreens like Beethoven on a piano are products of parents who played in the dirt. When it comes to the parents of Gen-Z students, it’s important to understand where ... Continued

How to collect parent information in the admissions process

If you want to collect parents’ email and phone numbers (and you should, given the impact of parents on the decision process), you have to ask for their information. Perhaps the most effective way to ... Continued

When to include parents in the admissions process

Start sooner, since parents’ influence is the strongest earlier in the process Parents are typically most influential at the start, when families are deciding which schools might be right for the ... Continued

Is your medium sending the wrong message?

A ’60s philosopher nails it with a theory that holds even truer today. What brings you here? Continued

How to not kill the medium when texting students

Texting is a top-rated channel for communicating with students. Until recently, there was no simple way for institutions to manage texting on campus. But now, forward-thinking institutions are ... Continued

The untapped opportunity of texting students

What if we told you the most effective medium for connecting with students was also the most underutilized? Sounds counterintuitive but it is true. Opportunity isn’t knocking – it’s texting. Continued

How to text students and parents without breaking privacy laws

You already manage student privacy when it comes to emails, phone calls and other channels. The good news is that texting is just another medium. Yes, there are a few special things to keep in mind, ... Continued

Crafting text messages that make the grade

To paraphrase a common idiom, “It’s not what you text, it’s how you say it.” In our experience, the way a text is crafted can make or break a campaign, and determine whether the student takes action ... Continued

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